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A Landscape Retreat! (Or, LandEscape!)

A Landscape Retreat! (Or, LandEscape!)

Hi, everyone!

It’s July already! I hope everyone had a fantastic Fourth of July holiday weekend. The hottest days are quickly on their way, but with your dream landscape (er… LandEscape!) you will find yourself enjoying your outdoor space any time of year.

Here is a lovely project we finished in late Spring. Some features include a premium Ipe deck (which we overlaid and extended their existing concrete slab with), natural limestone flagstone steps and walkway, retaining walls for cascading garden plantings, and a beautiful, easy-to-maintain pond with a carved stone fountain (all centered in a big Texas native plant garden)! I wish I could show you firsthand the quality ad artistry of this project, but suffice it to say, this project will provide our clients an outdoor retreat they’ll love for years and years to come! I wish it was mine!

Here’s a pictorial of the project:

Me enjoying our beautiful project on a sunny afternoon after our final walk-thru with clients.

Our goal here was to create a beautiful backyard for relaxed introspection and gardening fun, one that could easily be viewed out of the hot Texas sun from a beautiful ipe deck.

A close-up photo showing the detail of premium Ipe wood decking.

Here you see some of our beautiful carpentry. Notice how straight and evenly spaced the ipe planks are? How perfect our screws are? If you want the beauty of wood in your landscape, there is no better solution than stained, premium ipe hardwood!

This limestone will age a myriad of colors and become more striking each year!

The inside of this pond has been filled with water plants and can support the addition of fish!

The reinforcement of this pond is impressive, with lots of rebar and hardened concrete. The smooth concrete interior is easy to clean after draining the pond by simply opening a valve. All ponds need regular cleaning and maintenance, so easily being able to drain your pond is important, particularly if you plan to add fish like koi, which increase your maintenance efforts.

Deck view of our beautiful water feature, showing nice stone walls and a ‘wedding cake’ fountain.

The pond was designed to double as a comfortable garden sitting space and as a means of decreasing nearby traffic noise by substituting the pleasing sound of flowing water.

A limestone flagstone walkway extending all the way from the ipe deck to the front yard driveway.

In the above photo you see a long natural, yellow patio limestone flagstone walkway, and a flowing, solid limestone block garden border in the background. This walkway is about 3 feet wide, while the elegant garden border in the background is only about 4 inches wide.

This beautifully rendered photo of our work was taken with an old film camera and Kodak film!

In the above photo, you see how harmoniously all our landscape elements compliment one another to provide our clients what they wanted: a beautify backyard retreat to escape to!

Me enjoying the pond I designed and contemplating another LandEscape well done!

It is always wonderful to meet my client’s for their final project walk-thrus, and to see how happy they are with the final results of my team’s hard work. Creating beautiful LandEscapes for people who care about their yards is the primary focus of our business, and it is wonderful knowing that they will live-in and enjoy our work for years to come!

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